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Apple has celebrated their 10th iPhone line in this year. Of course, to celebrate the event, the quick-witted Apple Engineers has focused to offer the latest iPhone Product. Of course, at the beginning, many experts predict it will be iPhone 8. Anyhow at the last 12th of September Keynote event, they have declared the product to the public. And it is entitled as iPhone X. However, this was the huge release of the event and now has become a newsy product. On the ground, there were several discussions related to its features, availability price range, jailbreak iPhone X Running iOS 12 and more. If you too aware of these facts, then here you can go through this quick round-up. Cydia download is the ultimate goal of jailbreak iPhone. This is the sole reason for many iOS 12 users who are looking for jailbreak their iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. When new iOS 12 version comes, then next thing they are looking for is jailbreak toolkit to install Cydia. So here we are discussing possibilities of Cydia download iOS 12. Cydia is a third party alternative app store specially created for jailbroken iPhones, iPad or iPod touch. This is the best application store for iDevices. Cydia iOS 12 allows you to install anything including apps, games, and tweaks. Mods and many more stuff to modify your device. This is neither an app nor a website. It’s like app store for jailbreak iOS 12 iDevices. This app store has tons of cool stuff to customize your device on your way.

Jailbreak iPhone X iOS 12 Tools Update Links MAC

Jailbreak iPhone X iOS 12 Tools Update Links WINDOWS

Yeah, on the last 19th September 2018 Apple Developers has released their giant iOS 12 firmware to the public. Of course, this chapter was spent three months of test period with ten beta editions. After that, finally, at the end of the September event, they have released the iOS 12 GM version to the developers and testers. After that, onwards 19th of September, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users can download iOS 12 chapter for their beloved devices. Moreover, recently Apple developers have released the iOS 12.0.1 update to the public with some bug fixes and improvements. Further, now the iOS 12.1 first developer-only beta has released. So, we can hope another major update in recent future.

Original Electra IPA 2019 Download Links For Mac. 
Mirror jailbreak iOS 12.2: Mega

Original Electra IPA 2019 Download Links For Windows. 
Download jailbreak iOS 12.2 : GitHub

Original Electra IPA 2019 Download Links For Linux. 
Download jailbreak iOS 12.2 : GitHub


Download iOS 12 Cydia Alternatives Available In 2018

Zestia is the oldest and the first Cydia iOS 12 alternatives. There is low chance to have trouble using this alternative. This earlier called as X-cydia. Zestia is the best Cydia alternatives for stock iOS 12 and it will offer exclusive premium apps. Just like other alternatives this also has both paid and free apps for iOS users. You have to use safari browser to download this app.

For non-jailbroken devices I mods is another best Cydia alternative. Imods has amazing apps, features and other cool stuffs for users to customize their iDevices. With the incredible speed and features surly you will love this application.


With the giant iOS 12 chapter, this Year Apple Company has introduced three new iPhone models for the public. IPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are them. Among them, iPhone X is the product developed to celebrate the 10th iPhone anniversary. On the ground, within that, they have focused to offer so many attractive features for their users they may never be experienced before. And the iPhone X is believed as the future of the smart Phones based on its cool features. Well, as an iOS 12 user would you need to know more about the product. OK, then here I have briefly gathered all the features for you.

  • An OLED display with 5.8 inches
  • Facial Recognition technology with 3D sensors
  • Faster A1 bionic chipset with six core to performance improvements
  • Fully glassed body with silver and Space Gray color range
  • Functioning with the giant iOS 12 firmware edition
  • Home button has replaced
  • IP67 rated dust and water resistant
  • New wireless charging technology
  • Redesigned true-depth camera
  • 3GB Ram and 64 GB and 256GB storage capacity

The above video lead will also, guide you to have a clear idea about the iPhone X.

READINESS FOR JAILBREAK IPHONE X Running iOS 12, 12.0.1, 12.0.2 And iOS 12.1

Of course, if you are a Cydia iOS 12 fan then without having the access to jailbreak iPhone X you may not willing to buy it. And now when we go through the web we can find several discussions related to jailbreak iOS 12, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Well, at the moment we can’t clearly mention anything. Because after the Keen team demo no one able to find an exploit to enter into the chapter. Moreover, at the moment we cannot find any possible fact related to iOS 12 jailbreak possibilities. Therefore to have more reliable facts you want to wait for another more time period. Yeah, we want to offer more time period for the hackers to find a worthy cracking tool.

Jailbreak iPhone X iOS 12 Status Updates and Cydia Install

Till that, you can enjoy the iOS 12 Cydia download advantage with your current jailbroken iDevice. And if you wish to know more, then you can stay tuned with us.